t6 updates

Hi ,

Thank you again for being parts of t6 users. We wanted to let you know some of recent updates on t6 Api - we hope it will make you happy. :-)

1. A new, yet simple, Arduino library to ease sensor connection on t6 Api. This library is available as beta test on Github repository. Feel free to download it, test it, use it, and get feedbacks so that we could improve it soon.

2. POSTing datapoint to Api can optionnaly use signed payload; the goal is simply to make sure the Object sending the payload is the one you expecting to be. This is using a shared secret key stored on t6 Object.

Well, next phase on the roadmap is to allow crypting payload, using shared secrets... Would you think it is a good idea? Please share your mind with us by replying this email.

3. I would like to apologize if your are receiving this message and you didn't consent to it. So, if you are not willing to get this message again, please, review and update your consent from the link below:

Update consent

If you want to give your feedback on t6, do not hesitate to reply by email.

Thank you, and see you soon on t6.

– Mathieu from t6